Friday, March 19, 2010


Welcome to my first Blog! YAY! I've had this for a few months...just sitting here empty and alone just waiting for me to decide what the heck a blog does. I mean really...what does a blog do? It let's some people vent I guess. Maybe share their day but really how entertaining can a blog be? I mean, that has to depend on what you are looking for. What are you looking for? What am I trying to accomplish? I have NO idea! But I do know this; if you are looking to read about someone who is a survivor of everyday silliness, someone who can encourage herself, someone who can find the positive in the worst situation, someone who can laugh at herself, then you might like it! You will read about a woman who makes mistakes and loves to learn from each one of them. Yes, I know it's hard to believe but I do make mistakes; but the deal here is I do my best to learn from each one and my hope is to share a little insight to even ONE person, and that's ok.

I thought about it for a long time as to what to blog about. I still don't really know but maybe it might help me, help others or go unread. Either way I think just typing out what my world is going through might just be a good thing for me. And maybe others here and there along the way.

So I guess I will get started on my latest goal. FIND THE POSITIVE! Lately I have been challenged. Challenged beyond the normal challenges of everyday. My mindset had to be changed. I HAD to make that change. I have to look for the positive in these ridiculous situations sometimes. Like the LAME guy that called me at work and blamed ALL of California's insurance issues on ME personally! Yes, I realize that I am THAT fantastic that the Insurance Commissioner calls me personally to give him guidance and insight on our needs throughout the state. OYE VAY! Really dude? Because when I call AT&T to ask POLITELY (key word here people) why my rates have increased, I'm CERTAIN that it isn't the lady on the other end that personally raised the rates. I'm fairly confident that she is probably a mom, making 13$ an hour, working nights, trying to take care of her kids, and being attacked by NUMEROUS others who don't have the $$ to pay their bills either!!! Seriously! That being said it seems to me that we have the ability to set the tone and be polite right? So what the heck jerkface man?!? I know there is a positive here and this one I had to dig for. I guess what I took from that is this:

DUDE! I got a good laugh because really? You are a moron.

What?!?! Laughs are good! We all giggled at work and carried on with our day. It made me laugh during a trying time in my life. And that's just what I needed to keep the smile on.

And my insight? Well, I guess there is a fine line that can turn "looking for the positive" into "justification"...Please OH PLEASE do NOT justify someone's lame actions. If someone is treating you like crap don't make excuses for them. It's ok to say "you suck" (politely of course) and tell someone it's NOT ok to be a moron. Then find that ONE golden nugget. Even if the positive is to laugh at their ridiculous ways that's ok sometimes if that's what you need. Because it just might be YOUR fault that California's economy has taken a dump. All because you didn't start your own blog to save the world!!! :)